About me

Trained as a graphic designer at Northeastern University in Boston, I spent my early career in print, digital design, branding, social media, and now, User Experience and Product Design. I fell in love with UX design for its complexity and problem solving approach.

I like when design has a purpose to it and it’s more than just aesthetically pleasing. I want substance and emotional depth. I care about empathy just as much as I care about creativity.

Simple, authentic, and consistent. Something that is restrained and not designed with one medium in mind, so that when you move it, it doesn’t become a compromised version of the original intent.

‍I’m passionate about storytelling through visuals and am always looking to build innovative, inspiring, and empowering products and experiences.

Want to work with me? Need a dope website? Message me and we'll grab a coffee and talk about your project.

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